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Duplex Homes are known by a variety of names – semi-detached, side-by-side homes and semi-attached, to name a few. Ultimately, a duplex is two homes that have one shared wall, with no condo fees since they are considered freehold properties. Duplexes are a popular home style as homebuyers can get a modern, stylish home at an attainable price point. They’re a perfect option for first time homebuyers who want to enjoy the  benefits of a new home at a lower price point.

Duplex homes offer a great space for a new family to start and grow.  With less space to manage than a large single-family home, duplex homes are a great choice for those wanting to downsize, or for individuals looking for a perfect sized home for just them (and maybe their pets, too!).

Duplex styles by Strongbuilt Homes

Forest Heights offers two styles of duplexes – homes with rear laned access and rear parking and those with front-attached double garages. Stage 8 has a few remaining duplexes with rear lanes – these homes often feature large front windows with lots of beautiful light.

Strongbuilt Homes are crafting duplex homes with front attached garages in Stage 9. These homes feature front-attached double garages, providing easy access to the home straight from the garage.

The backyards for the attached garage duplex homes are spacious with lots of room to play and relax. This added amenity of semi-private outdoor space makes the duplex lifestyle a step up from apartment, townhouse or condo living.

Duplex homes in Forest Heights are most often two-story homes with full basements, offering lots of living space suitable for singles, couples and families. They can range from 2-bedroom to 3-bedroom, 1,400 to 1,700 square feet in size plus basement space.

A variety of layout options are available to suit all needs and lifestyles – open floor plans, cozy living rooms and spacious kitchens are customizable features buyers of all budgets will love.

Duplex homes in the Forest Heights community start in the low $300’s.

The Forest Heights community

Nestled in the beautiful bedroom community of Beaumont just southeast of Edmonton, Forest Heights is the perfect neighbourhood to call home. Just blocks from the town’s main activity hub, you can live, work and play in the fifth fastest growing community in Canada. With school and recreation centres nearby, along with grocery stores and other amenities, choose this tight knit community over a distant, big city suburb for your growing family, at a duplex budget.

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